Thu. Sep 29th, 2022

If you ship a lot of parcels on a regular basis then you will know the importance of having a reliable parcel courier. If you are using a next day parcel courier then the chances are that is for the very relevant reason that you need your parcels sending to your customers by the next day. So if they are late in collecting them, or late in delivering them then this may cause you problems. Send Parcels to USA

Late collections by couriers are actually down to people just like yourselves e.g. other customers. As an example if the customer that has booked a 3 pm pick up before your pick up at 4 pm, and they do not have the parcel ready in time and, then the courier has to wait 5 or 10 minutes for them to finish packing the parcel up, then delays occur.

The problem is if this happens at just a few collection points each day then the knock on effect by the end of the day can be half an hour, or an hours delay in the collection service.

This then causes a compounded problem in that they may be part of a nationwide network, and to get your parcel delivered to another part of the country they may have to get to another depot by a certain time, if not the van that your parcel was due to be changed to, to complete the latter part of its journey may have already left.

If this happens then your parcel will sit in that depot for an extra day, meaning your customer will not get the next day delivery service that they have paid for.

If this happens the customer is likely to ask for their money back for the delivery element of their purchase. Yet if you were late in packing the goods then you may have no comeback with the parcel courier at all.

However if your parcel is ready for collection on time and the courier turns up late, then this is not your fault. However this will happen from time to time and be unavoidable e.g. traffic problems or accident delays.


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